Password Manager Finger Print Lock for iPhone Safe App Reviews

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App problem

Today buying and then this app is no working.

Great Deal

So far very happy with this app.


Good so far, I update later!!


Not to bad looks really plain and boring

Safe n secure

Great app love it

Great App

I love this app. Keeps all of my passwords in one place. Very convenient!

Great app

Works great. Very user friendly and versatile

A little weird doesn’t work.

Works great

I love the fingerprint ID and the ease of putting in my info.


Totally does what it says it can do with no fuss.

Very happy

Very happy with this app.


This app is everything I need it to be! Free being the most important!

File cabinet

This app is only a file cabinet app. It doesn’t open websites for you only files your passwords. If you don’t rate the app it will go black until you do. It seems to have a limit on the web pages you can store so change to ones that are there that you aren’t using. Of course I wanted to get more familiar with it before I rated it but it forces me to rate.

Great app

Great app very easy and organized way to have passwords and other important information handy.

Black screen requiring app to be shutdown

Was initially happy with this app. However got tired of the nag screen to to rate app. Now when I launch app it uses Face ID and just gives me a black screen. I have to kill the app each time I use it to get into it. iPhones is on latest commercial load. Sent developer an email but no response


Awesome App

Awesome App

I have used this App for about 2 years. It stores all of my many passwords safely.

Works well

I would like it better if it would sync my passwords across all of my devices. I would have given a 4 star rating if it did not force me to write a review to continue using the app.

Great Ap

This is a wonderful app

Great app

Great app to keep my passwords organized.


Nice and efficient app!


Works very well, really enjoy how simple it is to work everything. Glad i purchased


Dont get the meaning of it it is STUPID


How can I rate this before I even use it ?? Yet the screen keeps popping up to rate it use it before I can. So annoying!


But too many reminders to rate.

So far, so great!

I've tried a lot of password lock apps, the only reason why I changed to this one is the last one I had never was updated. So far, it's working great! As long as the app is updated regularly to work with the software, we should be like long pals!

Can be better if it had encryption

This app is nice easy to use but needs to have all material encrypted for safer storage . That would make this app super nice


I also would have given five stars for this app but too many pop ups. I guess that’s what you get for the free version. Ez to use. One major problem is the screen goes black and have to reboot phone.😤

Black screen

Intermittent black screen when opening app. Will not respond. Cannot see data. Looks like all data is lost.

Great app

Love the app very easy to use!!

Good app

Good app


I have had the application for 1 day, and can not rate it honestly, but it insisted so much that I have to do something


This is a well organized app but it is my second time around. Lost all info previously so I had to start over.

Really Great App

I would've given this a 5 star review if it didn’t have all the pop ups but that’s what allows this app to be free. It is a great app otherwise though. It's easy to use and understand plus you can add an unlimited amount of passwords without having to go pro. I scoured the App Store for an app that was free that would let you store more than just 3 passwords before they block you until you go pro. Love the fingerprint option too. Would def recommend.


Only rating and reviewing because I am forced to be able to continue using the app. Shows the lack of confidence if you force customers to rate and review. Also, plan on paying for it if you wish to actually use the app. Why not just charge for it instead of offering a free version.


I bought it and screen blacks out forcing me to review it.

James Dean

Usefull app !!!!

Good app

It's good and easy app to use i would recommended 😉

Good but tooo many ads

Good but tooo many ads

So far so good

Love how simple the app is.

Great App

Love the ease of using it!!! Love the ability to use touch to open app!!!


If you where me you would be tryingvto hide and type you password😍😍👍👍

If I wanted to review the app I would have done it

You don't have to pester me. If you pester me you get two stars

Good App

Like the app - but just like all other apps, you only have a very limited amount of passwords you can add unless you pay to upgrade.

Life saviour

It helps me keep notes that I don't want people seeing

Not good

Constant ads, that you cannot get off the screen, no X or way to get back to home screen . I will be looking for another app

Awesome app

Easy to work with and keep all paw in one place!

Great app

Very helpful

Did not purchase pro

Downloaded this app, clicked on the pro option but after seeing the 3.99 charge I deleted the app only to be charged anyway.

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